Snatches: Tigrus

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The following is a snatch of something I scrawled on a pocket-sized notepad when I was in the middle of something else one day. I like to think it’ll be it’s own story some day.

The naked blade all cold and grim

Did Tigrus bare with all speed

And to its target sped: the heart of him

Who’d proved himself most wicked, ignoble of deed.

The Sassanid parried once, then twice

His scimitar with savage light all gleaming

Then returned he with fell intent to smite:

He strikes the shoulder – the blood goes streaming.

Tigrus pivots, swings, leaps, thrusts again

No mortal might be found with whom to do battle

Who’d stop the force of that stroke: foe drops in pain

Other foes close in – Tigrus leaps into the saddle.

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