The Gentleman Adventurer on Men – Pt 2

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Another short post today. It’s the next session in the essay.

Man the Barbarian

Stripped of the vestiges and preconceptions of society and the socialization of women and religion, man is in essence a barbarian. He is a naked, blue-painted savage. He is a hunter. He is a predator. Sociology and anthropology confirm this. He is gregarious. Left to their own devices, men will band together into roving, hunting bands or packs. For proof of this one need look no farther than to their history books, or to the daily news – any place and time in history when the societal norms of law and order and the influences of feminine socialization have been abandoned or suspended. Roving groups of banditti are often the most devastating consequences of war.

Pictish Warriors

Even in more “civilized” settings, there are the examples of street gangs and biker gangs. “Gang” is an old word that means to walk or travel somewhere together. It belies the roving, predatory nature of these groups. Left to themselves and void of civilizing influences, a group of single men is not a pretty thing at all. That is why every civil society has checks in place primarily to curb the predatory instincts of single young males.

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