The Gentleman Adventurer on Men – Pt 3

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Longer post today – this is where we really start getting down to the nuts and bolts of how men and women interact.

Taming the Barbarian

There are only two things that can tame the man’s barbaric nature with any kind of lasting effect. The first is faith. And the second, springing from it as a natural extension, is family. In Genesis, when God created mankind and laid the foundations for human society, the first thing He established was His relationship with man. The second was man’s relationship with woman.

Religion, and more specifically, a relationship with God is the only proven cure for depravity. Of course, what constitutes a healthy relationship with the Creator is a deeply involved subject far beyond the scope of this essay to address. Suffice it to say that when man is empowered and given the desire to do what he ought through the miracle of grace, he is able to overcome the impulse to rove, to prey upon women (as a bandit or a ladies’ man), and to generally run amok. To a certain extent, piety can help, but it is not a cure-all. One of the world’s largest religions glorifies mass killing of innocents. Truly civilized society (civilization by and large being a measure of how successfully a society can rein in their single young men) is a distinctly Christian invention.

But, speaking in general terms, religion itself is not enough. When Adam was in the Garden, experiencing daily communion with God and perfect dominance over all of nature, God still said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” So there is another dimension that man needs to socialize and civilize him. It is the family – family specifically through the engine of womanhood. Without women, there are no families. Maybe this seems obvious. But a woman’s role goes far beyond that of procreation. It is the woman, not the man, who will bear the majority of the responsibility of nurturing and raising the next generation. Domesticity begins with femininity. It is the woman who has the vision of taking a house and turning it into a home. It is the woman who can best think ahead to the patter of little feet and the prattle of little mouths.

It is to this basically feminine plow that a man must lend the shoulder of masculinity, if it is ever to survive. A woman and her children need protection and provision. In return for his strength, a man receives a level of stability and deep satisfaction he is unable to achieve on his own, or in the company of other men. But there is also something else he gets – the ability to invest in a purpose that will outlive his own existence.

This is the essential beginning of civil society: husbands and fathers wielding the masculine hammers of law and order to protect the feminine ideal of the home. The subsequent channeling of man’s energies as hunter and warrior into useful and peaceable areas is the basis of capitalist production.

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