The Gentleman Adventurer on Men – Pt 4

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Why it Works

These two essential methods of male socialization have been successful throughout the entirety of the human experience wherever they are correctly applied. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is simply that God ordained them. But there is another, specific reason upon which we have already touched.

The roving hunter band is focused on the now. Food, now. Pleasure, now. It goes where it wants and does what it pleases. So it is with all men. By default they are focused almost exclusively on the tyranny of the urgent, on pleasing their immediate appetites and desires. This is much less true with women, whose basic ideas of happiness usually involve some kind of long-term goal or satisfaction.

The influences of religion and family help men to overcome this shortsightedness. First and foremost, religion gives men purpose that transcends this life, and offers rewards and joys in the next. It also instills the sense of morality necessary for the survival of the family unit and civil society. Without faith, there is no civilization. That is why atheism present such a danger to the traditional family, and why religion and traditional family values usually go hand-in-hand.

To a lesser, and yet sometimes more tangible sense, the family also gives a man this sense of investment beyond himself. Just as true religion demands that he forever leave off all other gods and love and worship Jesus Christ, so to experience the joys of a family, a man must forever forsake sexual relations with other women and love and cleave to one woman. This is the only way in a civilized society, if he wishes her children to call him “Daddy”, and be loved by her and them. He trades momentary pleasures for long-term rewards.

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