The Gentleman Adventurer on Men – Pt 9

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Final Reflections

There are too many books and too many people out there figuratively “beating up” on men – criticizing them at every turn for every flaw, and telling them that they need to be more sensitive, more understanding, and more caring. And there are too many people extolling the virtues of masculinity without understanding the process of socialization.

So I did not write this to do either of those. I did not want to beat up on guys, and I did not want to celebrate unbridled human nature.

I started writing as a way to condense, and even understand some of my thoughts about why men think and work the way they do, especially in relation to women and the family; why I see the problems that I do in some of the males around me; why families around me seem to be failing at turning out good men.

The good news though, is very imperfect men are making good husbands and fathers every day, due in large part to the grace of God. My firm desire is to see that the men of this generation would pass on – not merely a tradition – but a culture of godly manhood and strength to the next generation.

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