Another Gun Review

Posted on December 26, 2010 by


Yes, yes, it’s another gun post. About 1/3rd of the writing that I do generally is. The reason for this is that not only is it my hobby, it’s also my job over at The Fort Worth Hunting Examiner. Of the other 2/3rds, approximately 1/3rd goes into writing of a much more spiritual nature related to church projects. This most often manifests itself in things like lesson plans and Powerpoint presentations. Those aren’t things that it’s easy to move to a blogging format. Hopefully come January we will have a podcast up, and when that time comes we will certainly be linking to it here at the Gentleman Adventurer. The other 1/3rd of what I write is time spent adding to and editing three tomes that I have high hopes of having printed and published in 2011. Again, it’s not something that it’s easy to blog about, but maybe I’ll post some excerpts sometime soon.

In the meantime, I was able to get out today and do a couple of range reviews of some new shooting-irons – my GP100 (range report to follow), and the new S&W Bodyguard 380. While tiny plastic pistolas aren’t really my thing, I was anxious to review the Bodyguard and was fairly impressed with it. Feel free to peruse the review here.