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A couple of Public Service Announcements (PSA) for my readers:

First, I am on Twitter. If you too have reached the 21st century and would like to follow me, just go out to Twitter and search for @richardrohlin. I have made a commitment up front that my Twitter account belongs to Jesus, and so the only things you’ll see there are uplifting or otherwise ministry related. I’ll also be posting direct links there to the FBLC podcast, which is essentially the unedited, unabridged teaching and sermon audio from First Baptist-Las Colinas . God has recently blessed our church with some new audio equipment, so hopefully those podcasts will become a regular thing.

In a round-about way that brings me to my second PSA – One major reason for my fairly infrequent blogging of late has been that over the course of the last month I was putting most of my energy into wrapping up a series I’ve been teaching on the life of Joseph. Now that this is done and I’ve had a couple of weeks’ break, we’re about to dive into a study on the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. I’m very excited about this study and what the Lord is going to do through it. One thing that I intend to do throughout the next year or so is that as I study for it, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and insights with you. I plan on doing that in a couple of different ways:

  • Via Twitter – Twitter is an amazing tool that is unfortunately misused for a lot of things that are not pleasing to the Lord. But it is also capable of being put to some very redeeming purposes. Throughout the week I’ll be posting thoughts and insights that the Lord gives me as I study. I’ll also be posting things like reading assignments and discussion questions that will hopefully get you thinking and studying for yourself during the week. So again, I ask you to join my on Twitter, and pay special attention to the ‘#housediv’ hashtag.
  • Via Blogging – Less often than twitter, as I have time and I find something that is important enough, I’ll share it with you in three or four paragraphs here at my blog. These posts will usually be tagged with the ‘housedivided’ tag to make them easy to find.
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