Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Posted on March 24, 2011 by


It’s been about three weeks since there was last any activity at the Gentleman Adventurer, but I thought I’d check in and let you know I’m still around. Over the last three weeks my writing time and attentions have been devoted to some for-profit endeavors that are now off to a decent start.

The other reason I’ve been quieter than usual is that I’ve recently taken a little bit of a break from teaching at FBLC. Most of the posts I do here, at least those of a religious nature, are a natural outflowing of the lesson preparation process.

It isn’t that we haven’t been busy here at the manor house, though. In fact we’ve been nothing but. Life for us has taken an interesting twist these last few weeks, and I feel like we are far enough into things that I can write a blog post about it. So stay tuned.

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