Welcome Benjamin Feehan!

Posted on March 30, 2011 by


I’ve been blessed throughout my life to have a lot of great friends, but Benjamin Feehan (known affectionately to me as “Big Benni” Feehan) has been special to me in a number of ways. For one thing, Benni lives up in the Pacific Northwest. That means that, with the exception of a few fairly rollicking weeks over the years, our relationship has mostly been a distance one. Distance relationships – especially close ones – are notoriously hard to maintain, but I can honestly say that Benni is one of my very best friends. Despite mutually busy schedules we still find the time to talk most days.

Benni is also a bit of a different sort of a friend in that he’s one of the few fellow writers with whom I am close. Writers by nature are usually too self-important and egotistical to get along well, but somehow Benni and I have managed for the last five or so years. Benni also happens to approach the world in enough of a different way that he serves as both a good sounding board and balancing force for my ideas. And that’s exactly what he’ll be doing here on the Gentleman Adventurer. Yes, that’s right – Big Benni Feehan has officially joined us here at the Gentleman Adventurer as a contributor.

Within the next few days Benni will probably be unleashing a veritable storm of posts. You’ll be able to find all of his contributions under the “contributors” section up near the top of your screen. Easy, right? So, sit back, and prepare to have your intellects drop-kicked off the edge of their preconceptions by the literary martial artist that is Big Benni Feehan.

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