Way of the Wheelgun: Don’t Forget Your Fighting Spirit

Posted on July 13, 2011 by


Hey folks! I’ve just finished a few other writing projects, so we’ll be picking up Way of the Wheelgun again on Wednesdays and Saturdays, same as before. We also have a series of instructional videos planned, so I’ll point those in your direction as soon as we have them up. Stay tuned!

For this Wednesday’s post I have an anecdote for you that I think illustrates well a concept that we tend to leave out of the equation when discussing defensive equipment. We’ve already discussed this at length in the posts on the defensive mindset, but sometimes a story is worth 1000 posts.

I know a Range Officer (RO) who, in a previous life, lived in Cape Town, South Africa. One night on his way home from work he was bushwhacked by an individual intent on causing him harm with an especially large knife, as well as creatively acquiring any possessions he might happen to have at the time. The attack was at arm’s length and seemingly came out of nowhere. The RO responded by throwing his offhand up to successfully deflect the knife blow, and pulled a Ruger Security Six out of a shoulder holster with the other. He shot the zombie once in the chest with a 125 gr. Silvertip bullet, and the man was down, Dead On Arrival.

The typical human response when a person is attacked with violence by another human being is “This can’t be happening to me! Why would they attack me?! Oh man, they’re attacking me!” This attitude will rob you of your will to fight.

There is a way to counteract your paralysis. Accept beforehand, as the RO did, that bad things are going to happen. By strapping on a revolver that morning, he acknowledged that that might be the day he’d have to use it. And when he did use it he’d have to do anything and everything it took to win.

As a citizen who can be legally armed, when you leave your house unarmed you are choosing to blind yourself to the reality of an increasingly violent and dangerous world and instead assume that things will probably be alright if you keep your head down and keep doing what you’ve always done. That mindset robs you of the victory before the fight has even started.