Way of the Wheelgun: Reloading the Defensive Revolver, Pt 2

Posted on August 5, 2011 by


Today at Way of the Wheelgun we examine the three different methods of reloading our revolver:

  • Speedloaders – This is the fastest way and the one I recommend. Speedloaders can further be divided into two categories: The HKS speedloader and the Safariland Comp II. While there are at least a dozen other types out there, only these two have the combination of durability and size necessary to make them practical for defensive use.
  • Speed Strips – While much slower than speedloaders, they are easier to carry and still beat loose rounds. I will generally carry one even when I have a speedloader, since they are flat and easy to stow in a pocket without attracting much attention.
  • Loose Rounds – The slowest way possible to reload your revolver. Ideally, the only time you should ever have to load loose rounds is when performing an administrative reload.