Five Minute Friday: Beauty

Posted on August 12, 2011 by


I am once again participating in Five-Minute Friday, a weekly inter-blog event hosted and originated by The Gypsy Mama. The concept is sheer writing for the love of writing. No critiquing, no afterthoughts, no editing. Just five minutes of letting the words flow. Each week there’s a new theme, and participants need to write something along that theme. Now for the rules:

  1. Write your words (within 5 minutes) without editing them.
  2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to come and share their unedited stories too.
  3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the person who shared right before you.
This week’s theme is Beauty.
There is beauty all around us. Did you know that? Do you believe it? It’s not in the places we think it ought to be. It isn’t airbrushed or photoshopped or silicon enhanced. It doesn’t flaunt itself. It doesn’t strut on a catwalk or parade itself through the tubes. These things are vague and vain shadows, twisted representations of something that we are all looking for, are all hungry for.
Our hearts are hungry for it. They are hungry to feel and taste the beauty and the majesty that they get an inkling of when we we look down from “glorious mountain’s splendor.” If you have stood at the altar and watched your bride glide gracefully down the aisle, then you know a little bit of what it is like. It is grace and it is glory that goes beyond our mere fleshly ideas of attraction. It is the sense of a beauty that transcends self.
It’s the beauty personified in the person of Jesus Christ. All other beautiful things are only references. But they are beautiful and glorious references. There is not a blade of grass in creation that does not scream the beauty and glory of Christ.