Flash mobs: Common sense & situational awareness

Posted on September 14, 2011 by


This post is the second in a series intended to raise awareness and teach preparedness for dealing with violent flash mobs: large groups of organized individuals who meet together to perpetrate random and senseless brutality on their fellow citizens. My hope is that it will get you thinking and preparing for what could be the fight of your life.

Exercise common sense & situational awareness

Pay attention to your surroundings. If you see people starting to gather suspiciously; if you observe them eying you or your family; if you notice a group of people armed with impromptu implements of destruction such as bats, bricks, tire irons, or screwdrivers; if you notice a group of people moving together in a concerted direction; any of these could be signs that there is trouble brewing.

Several news articles indicate that flash mobs, riots, and robberies (for instance, those in PA) are racially motivated. So, to put it bluntly, just because you are socio-ethnically colorblind, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is too. That should not affect the kind of respect that we show to people regardless of color or creed (and the love that we show them as Christians), but it may definitely affect our travel arrangements. For people who live in Dallas, going walking alone through Fair Park or South Oakcliff is a patently awful idea.

Unfortunately though, flash mobs and other violent group activities are becoming increasingly common in even the better areas of town. The fact is, we may be fast approaching a time in our nation when situational awareness may not be enough to avoid conflicts; when you can’t avoid getting brutally, violently assaulted simply by sticking to nice areas of town. This will only become truer as our economy continues to spiral out of control and the moral fabric of our nation and our nation’s leaders continues to deteriorate.