Flash mobs: Arm yourself

Posted on September 18, 2011 by


This post is the fourth in a series intended to raise awareness and teach preparedness for dealing with violent flash mobs: large groups of organized individuals who meet together to perpetrate random and senseless brutality on their fellow citizens. My hope is that it will get you thinking and preparing for what could be the fight of your life.

Arm yourself

Carry a gun. No, really. Carry a gun. Anytime you are in a public place you should be legally armed. If you’re not, you’re being irresponsible. And you either have your head in the sand or you are straight up irresponsible. It should be something you’re comfortable with, something that’s accurate, and something that operates reliably. It doesn’t have to be expensive, flashy, or impress your buddies at the range.

If you don’t have that gun, the time to put off that purchase until later is past. The day may shortly come when you don’t have that option because four gangbangers are beating you unconscious in the street. Get a gun and get the training to use it effectively. It’s not as good as a class, but in a few IDPA matches you will pick up the skills you need to shoot on the move and engage multiple targets, as well as learning when and how to reload. And it will cost you less than your monthly cable bill.

If for whatever reason a gun is not available to you, a good 4-inch blade (be it fixed or folding) from a manufacturer of reputable quality, such as SOG, CRKT, Cold Steel, or Gerber might be the next-best thing. If you get a knife, take a class and learn how to use it. Knives are infinitely less desirable than pistols for this sort of confrontation, but they’re better than nothing.

If you have a knife, attack the leader with all of the ferocity you can muster. If you can’t identify the leader, go for the first thug who approaches you with violent intent. And explode on him with more violence than he ever imagined possible. The result will be hesitation and disorientation on the part of his comrades, when they see their compatriot felled by what they previously believed to be a helpless, easy target. And then you can run.

So please. Stop being naive and assuming the worst is not going to happen. Arm yourself, and get the training you need to use your tools effectively.