Flash mobs: Down to brass tacks

Posted on September 22, 2011 by


This post is the sixth in a series intended to raise awareness and teach preparedness for dealing with violent flash mobs: large groups of organized individuals who meet together to perpetrate random and senseless brutality on their fellow citizens. My hope is that it will get you thinking and preparing for what could be the fight of your life.

So what happens if you find yourself the victim of a violent flash mob or robbery? How do you handle it?


The first and best option, whenever possible, is to run. By the nature of the sheer number of assailants, there is an instant disparity of force and when the option is available to you, you should run. Violent encounters are always best avoided. Run, call the police, and stay a safe distance away until the mob has either dispersed or been broken up by local law enforcement.

Fight… and then run

Unfortunately, there are a lot of times when running is not a viable strategy. If you are cornered, if your family is in danger, or you want to be a good Samaritan and intervene on the behalf of others who are being violently assaulted, then you may have to choose to fight.

When fighting a mob of unruly, violent assailants, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is that you are one man (or at best, a small group of men) and they are many. But while they have numbers on their side, you can have superior skills, equipment, training, and ferocity on yours. Don’t try to half-heartedly engage them, and don’t try to brandish your weapon or intimidate them. Remember: one guy with a gun is still just one guy with a gun.

At least until the shooting starts.

Explode onto them with overwhelming ferocity. Deploy your weapons and attack the leaders. Draw your gun and yell with everything you’ve got.


If they don’t, drop the first man. The rest will take care of itself. Once you’ve stopped one or two of them the rest will be dazed, disoriented, and confused by their bleeding, prostrate comrades. And that’s when you get your loved ones and you return to Plan A: run.

Remember: as unpleasant a reality as it is, the only way to defeat this level of brutality is with greater and overwhelming ferocity. I’m speaking specifically to men here: you have not just a right, but a duty, laid upon you by Almighty God and all that is decent, to fight for and protect your loved ones. My hope and prayer is that you will take this responsibility seriously and arm yourself accordingly.