Way of the Wheelgun: Reloading the Defensive Revolver Pt, 3

Posted on October 1, 2011 by


Regardless of how or when you are reloading your revolver, there are a few basic principles you should always follow:

  • When manipulating the revolver, the gun should be held in the high compressed ready position. This means your shoulders are hunched, the gun is held high and against your sternum, with your arms bent and your elbows on the outside, protecting your body and your gun. The muzzle (except when clearing spent casings) is oriented toward the threat. This is the position in which any and all administrative functions should be conducted.
  • Always clear the cylinder when you reload, regardless of any assumptions you have about the state of the gun (you think there aren’t any casings in the cylinder, for instance) before loading. What we mean here is that if you pick up a gun that you assume is empty, you should still slap the ejector rod to clear it of any empty brass that might be lurking in there that could prevent a successful reload.
  • When you eject empties/clear the cylinder, orient the muzzle toward the sky and slap the ejector rod like a baby’s bottom. Don’t try to thumb the casings out, give the ejector rod a good hard slap with the heel of your palm.
These are things that we should do regardless of our shooting environment. When we are at the range, we should engage in proper practices (even when we’re just target shooting). Doing so will result in integrity (training in a way that is actually applicable to our real-life needs, consistency (doing everything the same way every time), and efficiency (making efficient use both of our body’s movements and our range time).