My Range Won’t Let Me

Posted on November 30, 2011 by


For the month of December here at the Gentleman Adventurer, I’ll be posting a series of excerpts and photos from a new eBook I’m working on entitled My Range Won’t Let Me. The purpose of the book is to help establish meaningful training exercises for “normal” shooters – every day people who need to develop and maintain actual gunfighting skills but do not have access to a gun range that will allow them to do such things as “rapid” fire, drawing from concealment, shooting on the move – basically all the things they don’t appreciate you doing at a normal gun range.

These exercises will also take into account the fact that most of us have limited budgets for ammunition, and can only expend so many rounds in an individual session. The idea isn’t that you get something for nothing – competency in any skill requires a certain level of investment. But I also believe there’s a lot of room for improvement and efficiency in how we spend our range time. And that’s what this eBook is about.

The eBook is a work in progress, but over the next four weeks as I work on it I’ll post excerpts here. I plan on kicking of the release of the eBook towards the end of January with a giveaway here at the blog. Meanwhile, for all the shooters out there, I’d like your input on a few things:

  • What are some things you do to maintain your skills on a regular basis?
  • What are some frustrations you have with your range time and what are some ways you would like to see it improve?
  • Is the gun that you carry the most the gun that you shoot the most? Why or why not?