Who is the Gentleman Adventurer?

The Gentleman Adventurer is the web alias of Richard William Rohlin – a born-again Christian, husband, writer, shooter, and preacher living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Richard has a passion for sharing the Good News of the glory of Jesus Christ with others. He does so through his life, this blog, and through the ministry of First Baptist Church-Las Colinas. He is also an avid firearms enthusiast, and currently writes for the Fort Worth Hunting Examiner.

You can follow the Gentleman Adventurer here at this blog, as well as on twitter as @richardrohlin.

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  1. Toni Raquet

    February 24, 2011

    Hello. I just read your post from July 2010 on the MacCluinge family, & saw that you had moved to this web address. I wanted to say “thank you” for the post. I am a McClung myself, related to William “Grandpa Billie” twice (those folks didn’t leave the “holler” too often I guess). So, I suppose we are distantly related. I have been researching my family off & on for about 13 years now, & have always run up against the same wall…called the Atlantic Ocean!! I knew most of what you had written about the origins of the McClungs, but it was nice to see someone else verifying it. I am curious if you have been able to document anything about them being from the Highlands or that there was only 1 MacCluinge family in all of Scotland! I’ve recently been on the search for proof that our ancestors were a sept of a larger clan (such as the McLeods or McLeans) – to no avail. I would love to share info or get to know family (no matter how distant). And as for us not having a tartan – I still want one (though not a kilt, as ladies don’t wear them) & have thought of purchasing the Galloway Tartan since that is as far into Scotland as I’ve been able to go.

    Take care & write if you like… ohiokudzu@yahoo.com

    ~Toni Raquet


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