What’s this blog about, anyway?

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found our little blog and there was something here that piqued your interest. We’re thrilled about that and we invite you to take a look around. One thing you may notice, though, is that unlike some other blogs, we don’t really have an over-arching theme.

The truth is that we do: it’s manliness. And that means we post about a lot of things that might not be related to each other otherwise – things like Christian living, firearms training, good books, poetry, etc. These are all things that are important to us as men. My hope is that they will be a blessing and a helpful resource to you, whoever you are and whatever it is you’re looking for.

To make things a little easier for you, though, we’ve tried to be systematic about what we post when so that if there is a series that particularly interests you, you can know what to follow when.

Manliness Mondays – On Mondays we generally try to post things on the topic of Biblical manhood – normally as it relates to being a better husband and father. Sometimes the focus of the Monday posts will also widen to Christian living in general. This is the first and guiding passion of my life.

Wheelgun Wednesdays – My second passion and full-time hobby is firearms training, specifically as it relates to handguns and specifically as it relates to revolvers. I believe that it is a man’s duty before God to protect those that have been put into his charge – his wife, his children, his family, as well as the “neighbor” who is in need. The Scriptures call us all to be warriors for our families as well as Good Samaritans. But we cannot do so responsibly unless we are properly equipped, both with the tools and the skillset necessary. Thus, Wednesdays will be a firearms-related post, often but not exclusively having something to do revolvers (“wheelguns.”)

Free-for-all Fridays – The Friday post will be reserved for any number of ongoing series or individual posts, generally but not exclusively related to Christian Living. Just now, for instance, Friday’s are home to our “Breathing Narnian Air” series, a series of blog posts working through the entirety of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Fridays may also see the occasional product, book, or movie review.

Finally, you’ll notice on the sidebar to your right that the entire blog has been sorted into a number of categories. These are intended to make it easier for you to browse through our blog and locate ongoing series of posts.

  • Breathing Narnian Air – An ongoing series blogging through C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Along the way we are pointing out the series’ important spiritual, cultural, and literary contributions, as well as continually seeking to answer the question: “What makes a good fairy-story?”
  • Contributors – While Richard W. Rohlin is the primary blogger here at The Gentleman Adventurer, we do have the occasional contribution from guest bloggers. To make those posts easier to locate, we’ve placed them here.
  • Fighting For Joy – A four part series of blog posts that ran over the Summer of 2011. This series of posts and the audio sermon that accompanies it speaks to dealing with the pain of a miscarriage and answers the age-old question, “why do bad things happen to good people?”
  • Firearms & Self-Defense – This is the section where general firearms and self-defense articles will be posted.
  • Five-Minute Friday – An occasional inter-blog event in which we participate, Five-Minute Friday is an enjoyable exercise in writing for the sheer love of writing.
  • Food For Thought – This is where most of the general Christian Living articles are filed.
  • Giants of the Faith – Quotes, contributions, and musings on believers whose faith has stood the test of the time, both past and present.
  • History in 5 Minutes – I’m a historian by education, and so as it’s relevant, I’ll post on a wide variety of historical events and issues. Whenever possible I try to keep this to 1000 words or less, hence the “in 5 minutes.”
  • Storytelling – Occasionally I write a bit of fiction. And even more occasionally, I share it with other people. This is where that happens.
  • Stuff We Like – Product, Movie, and Book reviews.
  • The Gentleman Adventurer – The odd personal article about the Gentleman Adventurer himself.
  • Way of the Wheelgun – An ongoing series of training materials for revolver shooters everywhere.
So that’s our blog. We hope and pray that it’s a blessing to you, and that you’ll come back often. See you in cyberspace!
2 Responses “What’s this blog about, anyway?” →
  1. Sounds good to me! I’m looking forward to following you!

  2. Thanks! I already enjoy following your blog – you have some great content over there!


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